ReThink Apologetics | 2017 SPONSORS
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Reasons to Believe

Reasons to Believe’s mission is to spread the Gospel by demonstrating how the latest discoveries consistently support the truth of the Bible. We are highlighting The Lab, our mentoring program for students anticipating a career in science, engineering, math or medical research.


Impact 360 Institute

Impact 360 Institute is committed to helping the next generation own their faith. We offer Christ-centered transformational worldview experiences for high school (2-week Immersion) and college students (9-month Gap Year) where they will learn why they believe, what they believe and become equipped for influence. Through our on campus student experiences and online courses like Explore the Resurrection & Explore Truth, our vision is to equip Christians with a real-world faith in an increasingly hostile culture.


Tactical Faith

Tactical Faith serves the Church by promoting theological and apologetic training in the state of Alabama and in the southeastern part of the United States.  Organized in 2010 Tactical Faith has provided seven years of training and educational support to area churches, Christian schools and other para-church organizations.



Summit’s two-week Student Conferences are designed to help students (ages 16-22) strengthen their faith, understand their world, and be prepared to make a difference with their lives. At each of our three locations, top Christian leaders and thinkers will train students in the classroom while our phenomenal staff team will walk alongside and personally mentor each student.

You can attend a Summit Student Conference in California, Colorado, and Tennessee.


Ratio Christi

Ratio Christi seeks to encourage and strengthen the faith of Christian students and faculty at educational institutions across the country, by the establishment of Christian apologetics clubs, while also sharing Christ’s message and love to those that have yet to receive it, through the use of intellectual investigation and apologetics.


Stand to Reason

Stand to Reason trains Christians to think more clearly about their faith and to make an even-handed, incisive, yet gracious defense for classical Christianity and classical Christian values in the public square.  We aim to give confidence for every Christian, clear thinking for every challenge, courage and grace for every encounter.


First Priority

First Priority is a strategy for students to share the Love and Hope of Jesus Christ with every student in their school. We connect the CHURCH to the CAMPUS to share CHRIST with students.  We partner together to work with schools to help set up and organize clubs that are student- initiated and student led.  The public school is the largest mission field in America and our heart is to equip students to go on a 9 month mission trip to reach their school.



At YM360, we seek to equip the church with doctrinally sound Bible studies, training, and events.  Whether through a leadership book, a week-long camp, blog, or devotional for your students, we want to do all we can to support the Church in its mission of making disciples.


Covenant College

Covenant College is a Christ-centered college of the liberal arts and sciences where students are encouraged to think deeply, wrestle with ideas, and not shy away from the difficult questions in life. Our mission is to explore and express the preeminence of Jesus Christ in all things. We educate Christians to engage culture and cultures, to examine and unfold creation, and to pursue biblical justice and mercy in community.